Fashion Design


We are designing men’s garments for boutique sized fashion labels, designers, high-end and mid markets companies, from the initial concept to the garments delivery and everything in-between.

Our various experiences have made us aesthetically adaptable to any kind of men’s labels.

Therefore we can design for many different styles: casual, high-end, life-style, sportswear, downtown fashion…

And for all type of products: polos, shirts, jackets, coats, down wear, jeans, suits, knitwear, trousers, garments with washed treatment, leather, fur, accessories...

Depending on our clients’ needs, we can offer the following made-to-measure fashion design services:

  • Full men’s collection design or only few pieces of garments.
  • Design 100% made in our studio or close support and supervision to in-house creative teams.
  • Moodboards including guidelines on themes, colour ranges, harmonies, suggestion of fabrics and accessories.
  • Definition of seasonal collection with number of sku’s per category, key products and season’s essentials 
in each segment.
  • Additional developments such as creation of logo, graphics or exclusive patterns for tee shirts, shirts, inside jackets…

Trends And Inspiration


We constantly review websites, international press and magazines in different fields such as fashion, art, architectural design and decoration to have the best and largest view on what's happening on the markets worldwide.

We keep ourselves up to date about emerging trends and consumers’ expectations and behaviour within men’s fashion. Identifying these new codes and values, we can then create the most relevant and commercial garments for each of our client’s label.

Brand Values & Image


A global vision of the brand is key to its success. If required, we can provide support to existing or newly created labels with their brand values and image.

To clearly define how the brand values & image strategies should be translated in terms of product, we:

  • Help in defining or re-defining the essence, codes and values of the brand that will cement a strong message in terms of product and image.
  • Seek for the existing elements that will make the brand unique and viable on its market.
  • Create the substance that will enrich the identity of a new label to increase brand awareness.
  • Identify and analyse the consumers’ attitudes and lifestyles to match them with the values & essence of the brand.

Once we have defined the strategic direction to take in term of style, we can then create different stories, based on each brand’s past history and DNA, mixing creation with a strong analysis of consumers’ expectations.

Styling and Merchandising


We offer services in the postproduction areas of Styling and Merchandising:

  • Display guidance for Sales Meeting
  • Garments’ merchandising in stores
  • Artistic direction for catalogue
  • Artistic direction for catwalk shows…

Brand Positioning and Competition


We do brand positioning and identify the potential or existing competitors in order to translate it into style positioning to ensure the most efficient angle to approach the market.

Thanks to our know-how and in-depth men’s market understanding, we then create sharp fashion design guidelines to build brands and products differentiation in highly competitive markets.

Observing the current situation of the brand within the market, we can also provide recommendations in terms of price positioning, retail merchandising and so on...